COVID-19 Testing Kit (eChemiluminescence Method)

eCL8000 | Electro-Chemiluminescence

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COVID-19 Antikor Test Kiti

Kemilüminesans Yöntemi

eCL8000 | Elektro-Kemilüminesans Immunoassay Analizörü

2020, March 10

Lifotronic has launched its much-coveted SARS-CoV2 IgM&IgG antibody detection kits (eCLIA) with CE certificate. These two antibody markers, along with the inflammation and myocardial panels, are regarded as the gold combination that can be tested with eCL8000 to provide accurate diagnosis of the coronavirus pneumonia(COVID-19).

COVID-19 IgG | IgM Testing Kits

Sars-Cov-2 IgG and IgM Testing Kits Fast and Reliable Result


eCL8000 installed Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University

eCL8000 Installed in Chongqing Three Gorges Central Hospital

eCL8000 installed in Dabie mountain regional medical center

eCL8000 Installed in Hubei Huanggang Women and Child Health Hospital

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China's first, world second

eCLIA system!


  • 84 Test / Hour
  • Sample: Serum
  • Fully Auto
  • 30 Sample Loading (22 min. result)
  • First Result: 18 Minutes
  • 50 test / 100 test packs.
  • No Risk of Contamination
  • Benchtop System
  • Touch Screen


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